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The Hall of Mirrors

Are you trapped in an unhealthy relationship?  Do you want to avoid making past mistakes?  Do you want to live a life free from abuse? Do you simply wonder why people find it so hard to escape abusive relationships?


The Hall of Mirrors is my compelling story - a professional woman who is also a survivor of domestic abuse, told in my own own words.  My early experiences set the scene for later relationships, where patterns of abuse and unhappiness were to dominate my life. 


My story reveals the struggle to escape from this cycle over many years, its power over my thoughts and actions and my ultimate success in escaping from its grasp; an emotional journey which enabled me to find and respect my true self. 


​If you are trapped in an unhealthy relationship, seeking to avoid past mistakes, working with people who experience abuse or simply wondering why anyone would stay in an abusive relationship, this book is for you. 


"The Hall of Mirrors is courageously written, talking openly about abusive relationships to help people in the same position to find the strength and courage to leave and move on. This book is a gripping page turner with all the elements of a best seller"


- Ann Hobbs, Forward Thinking Publishing 

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About Kath Twigg

I am social work trained and spent a long career in the criminal justice system where I worked as a practitioner, manager and senior manager.

Currently I work as a freelance university lecturer, mentor, trainer and writer. 


I also run therapeutic writing courses for survivors of domestic abuse and workshops for those who wish to escape destructive life patterns and abusive relationships. 


I live very happily with my husband in the Peak District in Derbyshire.


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I started to read it and couldn't stop until I got to the end...


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Not a scrap of work have I done...oh well. I was riveted!... 


I found it difficult to put it down…

Boy is it powerful!...

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