If You Are Working From Home...

This poem is for you if you are now working from home. It's about about how precious home is to me and to encourage you to reflect on what home means to you.


I stand on a plateau with you

Beneath my feet the rock, sturdy and smooth, resists the gravity well of space-time

Home is a feeling, a place in the valley below, green and safe, sunlit and secure, somewhere to stay and be

All my life it has eluded me

My breath steady, outwardly calm, the crackling sickliness of fear circles through my veins, finding its lowest point, the place of perpetual anxiety

Oblivious to its source and purpose I give it space, submit to its invasive permanence

On the plateau I decide it’s time

I take your hand as so often you have taken mine, in the place of sanctuary created and re-created

Suddenly there is only us, only this, and the magnificent sun sweeps us with kindness

I feel the letting go, and in the vacuum the sunlight finds rest

At last the ever travelling light is still

Or is it me? In the moment the feeling comes, it was here all the time

The light, the balance and the love combine and I know at last I’m home

I feel the letting go, and in the vacuum the sunlight finds rest

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